From multinational retail chain to small establishments, we provide turn key solutions to manege inventory control .


  • Tailor made solutions in the area of Monitoring and control of Inventory.
  • Customize Inventory Control Cycle System across the entire Supply Chain.
  • Accurate Inventories and effective internal control across the entire supply chain.
  • Independent Review Reports as per Annual Calendar.
  • Optimization of Inventory Control.


  • Inventory counts
  •  Precise data collection & reporting
  •  Compliance to SOP
  •  Fixed Assets Verification
  •  Visual Merchandise Verification
  •  Shrinkage Control
  •  Goods In Transit Control


  • Stock Audit
  • SOP Audit
  • HOTO
  • Winding up

VGNC approach to Inventory Control

In any supply chain management, the central place is occupied by the Inventory around which the entire supply chain management revolves. In any enterprise of Retail Industry, inventory and receivables consumes most of the working capital of the enterprise and the efficient & effective working capital management depends upon how efficiently the Inventory are being managed.

Inventory is the tangible cash asset of the enterprise which keeps moving and passes through different hands from Manufacturing-Plant to Mother-godown to Regional Warehouses to Local Distributors to Retail outlets and finally sold to end consumers. In the process a lot of Inventory also remains in-transit moving from one location to another in the entire supply chain.

VGNC considers the position of Inventory as pivotal in any Supply Chain Management and emphasize on regular and timely physical verification of Inventory at various locations in the entire supply chain locations and a fast reconciliation of Book Inventory and Physical Inventory and thereafter a quick investigation into variances unearthed and disposal thereof to ensure minimum variance between book inventory and physical inventory at any given point of time, because any difference between book inventory and physical inventory reflects a redundant inventory which is never available for sale.

It is not only the variance between book inventory and physical inventory which is to be timely thrashed out, even the Physical Inventory though matched with Book Inventory needs to be further scrutinized to figure out any damaged and/or defective Inventory or any such inventory which is out of season and thus practically not available for sale. All such redundant physical inventory unnecessarily occupies the costly shelf space and mis guide the actual position of saleable inventory. This regular dialysis of non-moving and slow moving inventory is also an important service which is provided by VGNC.

Apart from above regular physical stock take and cleaning of inventory management, VGNC also serve by analyzing the location wise availability of inventory vis-a-vis the actual demand of right inventory at right location as per the requirement & demand of sales personnel at end point sales outlets, and after such analysis, VGNC offers solutions for better management of inventory through better inventory MIS to ensure right inventory at right place at right time.

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